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Frequently Asked Questions - Stone Siding Veneers


Stone veneer Samples 

*Samples are free but... 

Please note that free samples have condition

All our samples are free but we have to cover Shipping expenses. Therefore we have to charge Shipping & Handling fees in order to deliver the sample, which is (in most cases), shipped directly from our Suppliers (drop-shipping). 
Shipping & Handling fees are 100% rebatable if you later place the actual order. In that case we would credit the total of your order and deduct the cost of the samples you purchased. 


Stone veneer Sample size  

Please note that each product has a different sample size depending on product structure: brick veneer, river pebble, natural stone pieces, manufactured stone blocks, etc... 

On average, sample size is 4 by 7 inches, or 6 by 6 inches, or they might have multiple smaller pieces (again, product depending). 

Another factor influencing the sample size is its weight - due to high shipping costs, the sample size can be larger in dimensions if it is lighter in weight, and vice versa. 

If the sample size is important to you, please contact us beforehand for assistance, or order multiple samples of the same product.   


Order delivery (lead) time 

Overseas delivery timeline 

Please keep in mind that our online store delivery time for overseas shipments is anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks and it requires some planning on your side to meet your project deadline. 

Longer delivery time depends on following parts of the order and are not under our control:

- Product manufacturing (if the product is not in stock) and shipment preparations (1-2 weeks),  

- Ocean freight shipping (2-3 weeks), 

- Port unloading (usually one week, but it can be longer depending on many unforeseeable circumstances) 

- Shipping from the port to your destination (2-5 days) 


Domestic delivery timeline 

If the ordered product is shipped from Domestic Supplier (located in the US or Canada), delivery time is usually 1-2 weeks. 


Delivery process 

Residential deliveries (lift gate and forklift): 

For all residential deliveries we make sure that delivery truck is equipped with necessary unloading equipment, like lift gate or forklift, so there is no additional preparation required on customer's side. 

Delivery company is hired to unload your shipment at the closest available (accessible) spot which is nearest to your project site. 


The cost of stone siding veneer 

Here is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions: How much does the stone veneer cost? 

Main stone siding features and widespread application

From interior feature walls, fireplaces, wine cellars, and room accents to exterior wall cladding, pool, patio and outdoor kitchen accents, or even retaining walls and posts – let the versatility of Discount Stones cast stone products inspire your next project toward excellence. 

Our stone products are becoming increasingly popular today both in residential and commercial applications. This trend in popularity and advances in manufacturing have enabled architects, designers and contractors to create unique designs. 
Brick veneers add the beauty and charm of old brick structures without the costs of additional footing and supports. 

Manufactured Stones and Brick Veneers Features

- Frost resistant (can be used for outdoor application in harsh winter conditions)
- Non-combustible
- Eco-friendly
- Lightweight design
- Architecturally unique
- Backed by a 50-year warranty

Natural Stones Features

- Frost resistant
- Non-combustible
- Eco-friendly
- Ageless design
- Architecturally unique
- Backed by a lifetime warranty

Color Durability

All of our stones have natural colors which do not fade over time and minimal color differences may be seen after many years of weathering.

Outdoor Use

All of our stone veneer products and accessories can be used for any interior, exterior, or landscaping project. 

Installation Method - Mason, Mortar, Grout, Cement 
Application - Exterior, Interior, Residential, Commercial 

General Dimensions and Weight

Our stone veneers are from 1/2″ to 2″ in thickness depending of the product style and weigh from 8 to 12 lbs. per square foot. No brick ledge or added supports are needed for installation.

Stone Panels Features

There are three basic stone panel shapes: rectangle, Z-shaped and S-shaped panels. 

Stone panel shapes - Discount Stones

Rectangle panels are stacked/glued stone strips (example: Ariel
Rectangle Dimensions: L: 24 in W: 6 in T: 1/2-1 in (600 mm x 150 mm) Approx. 1 sf
Z-shaped panel has upper side of the panel extended to the left (example: Dark Slate)
Stacked stone (glued) 
Dimensions: L: 14 in W: 7 in T: 1/2-1 in (500mm x 200mm) Approx. 1 sf
S-shaped panel has upper side of the panel extended to the right (example: Black Star
Stacked stone (glued) 
Dimensions: L: 14 in W: 7 in T: 1/2-1 in (500mm x 200mm) Approx. 1 sf 

All Stone Panels are made of Natural stone (Lifetime Warranty)

Packaging size and shipping protection

Discount Stones sells all of its products by the square footage and ships all its stones and brick veneer in cardboard boxes. Stones are layered in the boxes with a protective parchment between the layers to protect the stone surface during shipping. 


Stone-Packaging-Discount-Stones     Stone-Packaging-Discount-Stones   


Stone panels packaging


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