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We've Merged With Domestic Tiles!

Exciting news! We've expanded by merging with Domestic Tiles after a successful acquisition of the very successful tile wholesaler company. We now have more than 100+ products added to our existing product line up of 600 stone sidings, bringing the total to over 700 different products in our diversified selection. Here is the description of Domestic Tiles: Domestic Tiles is North America's leading wall tile wholesaler for 100% Canadian tiles. With our rich history in being one of the early Canadian companies that started selling tiles online, we take pride in our operational growth and development. At Domestic Tiles, we give our customers the confidence they need to fulfill their tile purchasing needs. All of our tiles have been manufactured...

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Leading Stone Siding Wholesaler in the World!

 With over 600 different stone sidings, Discount Stones is becoming the world's leading stone siding wholesaler! Cultured Manufactured Stones - 27 Categories Brick Veneers - 4 Categories Natural Stones - 12 Categories A truly endless selection best fitting for all choices! Discount Stones | World's leading online stone siding wholesaler. 

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Brick Veneers - A Truly Remarkable Selection

 Brick Veneers are the preferred choice for homeowners who want the durability and aesthetic features of a brick wall, at a minimal budget. However, before choosing brick veneers, their advantages should be fully understood. Similarity to Natural Bricks & Lightweight Brick veneers are amazingly similar to actual brick-lined walls. Brick veneers are manufactured from a clay and shale. This ensures that the texture and overall appearance of brick veneers is similar to that of regular bricks. The only notable difference is in the thickness. Brick veneers are just about 1-inch thick while most conventional bricks measure 3-to-4 inches in thickness. This lightweight feature of veneers makes them easy-to-handle during installation.

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Custom Natural Stone Fabrication

 We artistically merge the sculpting process and philosophy of new technology with that of traditional hand-carved techniques and detailing to personalize your ideas. Our skilled craftsmen are a guarantee that the finished product meets the highest degree of excellence by combining the multifaceted knowledge of our team with your ideas and requirements necessary to complete your project. We work closely with your design team providing quantification and graphical support. Just ask us about our custom natural stone fabrication service and see what we can make for you! Discount Stones | World's Leading Online Stone Siding Wholesaler

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Limited Time Savings - 10% OFF for 3D Modern Stones

 In celebrating our newly introduced stone selection of 3D Modern Stones, we are extending a 10% promotional discount for all of our 3D Modern stones. 10% OFF, FREE Shipping, FREE Samples, 50-Year Warranty, is there more we can add? Use promo code "SAVE-DS1" for 10% OFF Discount Stones | World's Leading Online Stone Siding Wholesaler

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