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Welcome to North America's largest online natural stones, brick veneers, and cultured manufactured stones supplier. Discount Stones is a producer and global supplier of over 600 premier high quality cultured manufactured stones, brick veneers, and natural stones. At Discount Stones, customer service is a top priority and whether you are a home owner, construction company, stone mason, architect, builder, or designer, we are here to assist you in selecting the best stone for your project!

Our very quick and easy 6 step ordering process is just right for you:

  1. Select product type
  2. Order sample (if necessary)
  3. Enter number of square feet (flat pieces)
  4. Enter number of linear feet (corner pieces)
  5. Process payment
  6. We ship your order to your door for FREE (if requirements are met), which includes duty and brokerage fees

At Discount Stones, our aim is to be the most effective, efficient, and reliable cultured manufactured stones, brick veneers, and natural stones producer and wholesaler which is why we guarantee the lowest prices in North America and issue a free lifetime warranty for our natural stones and 50-year warranty for our cultured manufactured stones and brick veneers.

We pride ourselves in delivering the utmost value in every quick, easy, and hassle-free transaction!