How much does stone veneer cost?

Stone veneer cost depends on the type of veneer used (natural or manufactured) and the size of your project (needed quantity). Installation cost (labor) and material cost are not included. 

The cost of stone siding veneer 

There are two main stone siding veneer categories: Cultured (manufactured) stone and brick veneers, and Natural stone siding veneers and stone panels. 

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Natural stone siding veneers 

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Cultured (manufactured, man-made) stone veneers 

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Brick veneers 

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How much does stone veneer cost? 

Natural stone veneer and stone panel prices range anywhere from $15 to over $30 per square foot. The price mostly depends on quarried location and distance of the end user. 

Stone panel veneer price range from $12 to $25 per square foot. 

Cultured manufactured stone veneer cost about $6 to $10 per square foot. Brick veneers belong to the manufactured veneer category and have similar price as cultured veneers ($6 to $10 per square foot). 

What is included in stone veneer price? 

Stone veneer price covers only the veneer itself. Installation material (mortar, grout, sealing) and labor cost are not included. 

Other factors that influence stone veneer cost 

The final cost of your stone siding project will depend on these factors: 

The size of the Stone Veneer Project 

The larger the surface that you want to cover with stone veneer, the larger is the cost for material itself. It also depends if you need stone corners for columns and other openings in the wall (doors, windows). Stone corners (especially made from natural stone) cost usually a bit more than flats. 

The cost of Stone Veneer Installation 

It is recommended that stone veneer installation is done by a professional mason. That will increase the overall cost of your stone veneer, but the final result is well worth the extra investment. Installation tasks like measuring, adding mortar, area preparation and the laying out of the stone are included in the installation cost. 

The cost of Supplies to Install Stone Veneer 

Whether you’re planning on hiring a mason, or doing stone siding project yourself, there will be costs associated with the materials you’re using, like tools, mortar, grout, and sealer (if necessary). 

Complexity of the Stone Project 

For example, the cost to install stone veneer on a fireplace could vary in cost from a stone veneer accent wall because the size of the area will vary from home to home. A fireplace renovation will likely use less space and material. 

The complexity of the project may also impact labor costs. If it’s an intricate installation with many corners, angles, and cuts of the stone veneer materials, costs are very likely to increase. 

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