Stone Panels Collection

Stone Panels Collection

Stone Panels Benefits:

Made of thin natural stone strips, stacked and glued together into stone panels for easy and fast installation, while keeping all natural stone properties and added benefits:  

  • A time saving installation concept 
  • Less cutting and waste 
  • Outstanding insulation from both heat and cold 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Fireproof and non-slip 
  • Unique styling and design: Z-shaped / S-shaped / Rectangle 
  • Easy handling and maintenance: it can be chipped, power washed, mildly acid washed and lightly brushed 

Very few home improvements will dramatically change the way your home will look as much as stone siding. There are a lot of different options for the style and look of your siding, allowing you to give your home a customized exterior feel. 

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If you are planning to renovate your home, our selection of low cost, top-quality natural stone siding panels will help you to give your home a customized look and feel. Premium building material equally suitable for interior and exterior projects